Terranea Resort - Live Life Differently

At Terranea, you will see, feel and discover life differently.

Terranea Resort - Farm-to-Terranea

Terranea Executive Chef Bernard Ibarra takes a fresh approach to the “farm-to-table” concept.

Terranea Resort - Immersive Wellness

Whether it’s a farm-to-table dining experience facilitated by an Ayurvedic practitioner or a rejuvenating honey scrub with honey from our own hives, find out how many ways you can find bliss at Terranea.

Terranea Resort - The Falconer

Follow along in a day of the life of Terranea’s resident falconer, Joe Roy III, as he shares his passion for his birds of prey and their vital importance at Terranea.

Terranea Resort - Packing for a SoCal Vacation

These 10 items top our list for what will make your trip to California one to remember.

Terranea Resort - 8 Spots to Share a Moment

From archery lessons and private yoga sessions, to sunset picnics and s’mores over a firepit, these are just a few of the special moments you and your loved one can share at Terranea Resort.

Terranea Resort - Farm-Fresh Eggs

One reason breakfast at Terranea is so flavorful is our farm-fresh eggs, which come from our very own happy chickens laying eggs daily at our farm overlooking the resort.

Terranea Resort - Sunrise to Moonrise

The unspoiled beauty of Terranea Resort is explored in this scenic, spiritual journey beginning at sunrise and ending at moonrise.

Terranea Resort - Whale Watching

Nestled in the cliffs of the Palos Verdes Peninsula and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Terranea Resort has become a prime location for spotting dolphins, whales and other marine life year-round.

Terranea Resort - The Ishibashi Family

The Ishibashi fresh produce stands were a community staple on the peninsula. And now, more than a century later, their legacy is celebrated at bashi, Terranea’s Asian contemporary restaurant.

Terranea Resort - Sense of Arrival

Breathe in the warm ocean breeze, take in sweeping views of the Pacific and immerse yourself in a total state of tranquility. You have arrived.

Terranea Resort - Taste of Terranea

Terranea chefs show you how to use heirloom tomatoes two ways—savory and sweet!

Terranea - Sunday Funday

Whether you’re on the hunt for father and son bonding time or a day with the girls, Terranea is an iconic destination for the perfect Sunday Funday before Monday’s reality check knocks on your door.