Flor De Cana Rum: Nica Rhythm

Director / Film / Edit

Tyler Warren and Ellis Ericson explore experimental surfcraft along the Nicaraguan coastline.

CASIO G-SHOCK: Nic Vaughan

Producer / Director / Film / Edit

Nic Vaughan is a California big wave surfer who has dedicated his young life to chasing the biggest waves on the planet.

Additional footage: Kyle Buthman, Perry Gershaw

New Era x Odd Future - 2014

Client: New Era

Producer / Director / Film / Edit

Tyler The Creator and the Odd Future clan visit New Era's flagship store in Los Angeles in preparation for their annual Camp Flog Gnaw carnival.

Additional film: Mike Pagan

CASIO x Western Australia - 2014

Client: Casio

Producer / Director / Film / Edit

Yadin Nicol revisits his hometown of Western Australia with Casio teammates Gabe Kling and Kaito Ohashi.

Additional film: Dylan Gordon

Bahgsu Jewels :: North Star

Director / Film / Edit

Models/ Bleu Archbold / Brianna Falcone

CASIO x Hawaii

Producer / Director / Film / Edit

The G-Shock surf team head to the North Shore of Oahu, surfing's ultimate proving grounds.

Additional footage: Tim Steinmeyer

Kick + Push x Dylan Gordon

Producer / Director / Film / Edit

Dylan Gordon is a surf/skate/adventure photographer from Ventura, CA.

Vissla x Ultimate Craftsman - Travis Reynolds


Travis Reynolds shapes a one-of-a-kind board for The Boardroom Ultimate Craftsman Project.

Nexen Tire x Storm Chasers - 2014

Client: Nexen Tire

Producer / Director / Film / Edit

The perils and triumphs of hunting hurricane swells on the East Coast.

Featuring: Brett Barley, Cory Lopez, Torrey Meister

Additonal film: Mike Mortimer