El Niños Wake

Producer / Director / Film / Edit

Surfer presents a new surf flim, El Niños Wake. Echoes from a historic west coast winter

Additional footage: Alex Kilauano, Kyle Buthman, Justin Mehren, Brad Jacobson, Are Frapwell, Erik Derman

The Distant Shores - 2012

Producer / Director / Edit

A short film documenting 4  surf odysseys to the ends of Earth.

Featuring: Fergal Smith, Tom Lower, Kepa Acero, Sam Hammer, Dane Gudauskas, Pat Milin, Keith Malloy, Pete Mendia, Alek Parker, Jay Davies, Dylan Longbottom, Laurie Towner, Lee Wilson, Travis Potter, Marlon Gerber

Misfits of Bull Bay - 2014

Producer / Edit

A short film portraying Jamaica's most dedicated surfing family, the Wilmots.

Featuring: Billy Wilmot, Icah Wilmot, Ivah Wilmot, Dylan Graves, Tanner and Dane Gudauskas

Turning for Home - 2014

Producer / Director / Film / Edit

After moving to California five years ago, West Oz native Yadin Nicol took us on a journey back to his rugged home breaks in Western Australia.

Featuring: Yadin Nicol, Jay Davies, Jack Robinson, Dino Adrian

Additional film: Lachlan McKinnon, Dylan Gordon, Dan Norkunas

Additional edit: Alex Kilauano

The Fjord


Tyler Warren and friends head beyond the Atlantic in search of new waves, along the way mapping the untapped surf potential of the Faroe Islands.

Hidden Sea and the Pyramid of Fire - 2013

Producer / Edit

A Russian adventure to the desolate shores of Kamchatka

Hot 100 Movie - 2013

Producer / Director / Film / Edit

A full-length film featuring the world's best young surfers.

Hot 100 Movie - 2012

Producer / Director / Film / Edit

The best young surfers in locations all over the globe, the movie is a mind-blowing distillation of the best of the current crop of future stars.

Bruce Iron's Scariest Moments

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